The are six conference regular tracks or thematic sections: Knowledge-Education (1), Creativity (2), Innovation (3), Entrepreneurship (4), General Business Management (5) and Big Data and Analytics – as applied to business and education fields (6). This year, the conference has the privilege of featuring 3rd Annual Lecture and Centenary anniversary of the World education Fellowship: WEF – Child Education (7),and 3rd GlobalCIE  Forum – comparative & international education Roundtable (8)


Track 1: Knowledge-Education 

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Comparative Knowledge Higher Education: Research & Enterprise
Knowledge Management Higher Education Curriculum
Indigenous Knowledge ICT/(Mobile) Technologies in Education
Knowledge Systems Innovation in Lifelong Learning Education
Knowledge Utilisation Innovation in Teacher Education
Knowledge Management Technology Enhanced Learning
Education & Law Entrepreneurship education
Leadership and Management Practices in Work-based Learning
Education Policy Special, Inclusive & Diversity Education
Digital Workplace University Business Cooperation

Track 2: Creativity 

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Arts, Media & Creativity Creativity: Product, Process & Personality
Human Computer Interactions Creativity: Environment & Computer
Creativity and Cognition Creativity in Business Process
Creative Robotics & Computational Organisational Creativity
Creativity, Creative Writing & Development Creativity in SMEs
Creative Industries Design & Architectures Creative Talents Management
Creative Leadership Creativity in Teaching & Learning
Creative Collaboration Design, Process, Strategy & History of Design
Creative Problem Solving Creativity in Service Delivery
Creative Thinking & Creative Training Techniques Architectures – Urban Design, digital buildings & Construction Technology

Track 3: Innovation – as applied to business, technology and science 

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Innovation & Knowledge Transfer Disruptive Innovation Technologies
Open, Inclusion and Social innovation Innovation Clusters and Technology Transfer
 Corporate/Organisation Innovation E-Commerce Infrastructure for, and Innovation Platforms
Innovation & Entrepreneurship ICT, E-Government & Smart Cities
 Eco-Innovation & Green innovation


Innovation & knowledge-Based Economy Innovation in Health informatics
Organisation & Open Innovation Applied & bio science innovations
Operations Research & Management Eco-innovation including environment and sustainability
Small Firm & Innovative Enterprises Science innovation and inventions

Track 4: Entrepreneurship 

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Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship & Family Enterprises Leadership, Management & Organisation
Entrepreneurship & Regional Development Entrepreneurship and SMEs competitiveness
Cultural Entrepreneurship Technology & Entrepreneurship
Organisation Behaviour & Change Public Policy & Entrepreneurship
Human Resource & Talent Management Marketing & Strategy
SME Business Finance Strategy & Management
Intrapreneurship Servant Leadership in Enterprise
Cash Flow Management Project Management
Risk Management & Resilience International Business & Management

Track 5: General Business Management, Accounting & Finance 

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General Management Banking
Financial, Cost & Management Accounting Total Quality Management (TQM)
Accounting Information System Business Statistics
Management Information System Business Finance
Organisation & Culture Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Business Communication Financial Management

Track 6: Big Data Analytics – as applied to Business and Education

Topic: Big Data & Digital Marketing: Examining the Phenomenon of Social Media Influencer Marketing in Organisations

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategy Learning Analytics
Big Data Analytics Data and Education
Business Analytics Higher Education and Analytics

Track 7: World Education Fellowship Pre-Centenary Anniversary Special Track

Topic: A Hundred Years of the New Education: CODIV-19 and the Future Learning of the Child

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Digital Marketing & Social Media Learning Analytics
Big Data Analytics Data and Education
E-Commerce & Business Analytics Higher Education and Analytics

Track 8: GlobalCIE – comparative and international education

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Comparative Education International Education