KIE Research Student Workshop, 21 July. Topic: “Discussing Your Research Findings, What Doctoral Examiners are Looking For”

A Must-Attend Event For Research Students

3rd Global Comparative & International Education Forum Roundtable, 23rd July, Keynote & Discussion Topic: “The Integrity of Research”

A Must-Attend Event Promoting CIE Research

The World Education Fellowship Centenary Presentation: “A Hundred Years of the New Education: COVID-19, Online Classroom & the Future Learning and Teaching of the Child”

Meet the Speakers

Mark A. Runco, PhD. Mark Runco is the Founder of the Creativity Research Journal and Director of Creativity Research and Programming at Southern Oregon University, USA. Formerly, he was the...

Participate Virtually at the Torrance Roundtable, RDCA SIG & KIE Kaufman Family Research Symposium

Best Paper Recognition Awards

Honour Roll: KIE Conference Recognition Award for Best Papers The Best Paper Recognition Awards are presented to the individuals judged by the Creativity Experts Panel of the KIE International Advisory Board to have written the best papers appearing in the annual KIE Conference...