International Roundtable: Marking the 105th Birthday of the contemporary Father of Creativity: E. Paul Torrance

WEF Pre-100th Anniversary Event: A Hundred Years of the New Education: Towards the Future of the Child

Big Data Analytics & Digital Marketing: Social Media Influencer Marketing in Organisations

Conference Tracks

The are six conference regular tracks or thematic sections: Knowledge-Education (1), Creativity (2), Innovation (3), Entrepreneurship (4), General Business Management (5) and Big Data and Analytics - as applied to business...

Participate Virtually at the Torrance 105th Birthday Roundtable


KIE Conference Registration Process & Fees    STEP 1: Submit Abstract or Paper for Peer Review & Publication and wait for acceptance.    STEP 2: Download and Complete 2019 KIE & Torrance Registration Form & register to secure your place. STEP...