Dr James Kaufman

Kaufman Family Research Symposium

27th July 2022

Topic: “What is the Current State of Affairs of IQ Testing?”

Researchers and practitioners are invited to share their empirical work including research assessment, testing, methods, frameworks, tools and techniques – but not limited to:

Research in Psychometric tests – i.e. tests of ability, including verbal, numerical, spatial reasoning and critical thinking aptitude tests and personality and traits tests including personality questionnaires examining individual preferences, etc.

IQ Tests and Human Intelligence

Models in the Social and Behavioural Sciences

Innovations in psychometric theory, modelling and technologies

Technology-based assessment

Good practices in testing and assessment

Test development and validation in international and multicultural environments

Research in psychological assessment and psychometric testing

Test security and privacy in a globalized digital world

Innovation research methodologies

Integrity of Educational Testing and Assessment

Critique emerging research findings

IQ tests research limitations

IQ tests research design and methods

For more details, please visit Kaufman Family Research Symposium website here.