ONE Conference, FIVE Events, ONE Global Community of Practice.

The KIE Conference features in-filled events on Creativity, Comparative Education, Research and Big Data Analytics, Digital Business & E-entrepreneurship. The KIE Events are:


6th E. Paul Torrance International Roundtable on Creative Thinking 

6th Reisman Diagnostic Creativity Assessment Special Interest Group (RDCA SIG) 


3rd Global Comparative and International Education Roundtable (Global CIE Roundtable)

The World Education Fellowship Pre-Centenary Track. Theme: ‘A Hundred Years of the New Education: Towards the Future of the Child’


1st KIE Kaufman Family Research Symposium

Big Data Analytics, Digital Business & E-entrepreneurship

8th Big Data Analytics & E-Business Symposium

1st Research Student Workshop & One-to-One Clinic