Participants have a choice. You can choose to submit your papers for consideration for publication in the conference recommended journals or take advantage of the publication opportunities offered by the conference.

OPTION I: Publish your work in the KIE Conference Publications

We guarantee publication of your paper in the following books with individual ISBN identification numbers:

1)  Research Papers on Knowledge, Innovation & Enterprise       

     Volume 10, 2022  (Peer Review Journal ISSN identified)

2) Unpacking Creativity: Culture, Innovation, and Motivation in Global Contexts

      (Editor-reviewed Book; ISBN identified)

OPTION II: Publish your work in the Conference associated journal

The International Journal of Knowledge, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IJKIE) is 2022 KIE Conference associated journal. The journal is completely independent of the KIE conference but registered participants have the opportunity to send their papers directly to the journal for consideration for publication in the journal following the peer review process.  To submit paper to the journal, please follow the journal’s submission guidelines and send your paper directly to the The IJKIE journal will publish conference papers on a first come first served basis in order of registration. In order words, early registration is recommended.

OPTION III: Publish your work in the Conference recommended Journals

Presenters are encouraged to submit their papers as articles for publication in the following peer-reviewed journals:

1) Journal of Technology Transfer

2) Journal of Knowledge Management

3) Creativity and Innovation Management

4) International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research

5) The International Journal of Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Management

2022 KIE Conference Associated Journal

2022 KIE Conference Associated Journal For Papers on Education