Papers on Knowledge-Education

James Ogunleye. ‘Strengthening the links in the knowledge, Innovation and Enterprise Chain’

Deryn Graham. Chronology of Competence Achievement

Daniele Doneddu, Azmol Hussain & Marc Clement.  A New Paradigm To Help Accelerate The Transformation of Resource-Rich Nations into Sustainable Knowledge Economies

Deryn Graham.  The Relationship between Heuristic, Causal and Statistical Models of Knowledge and Big Data

Sean McCusker. Lego®, Seriously: Thinking through building

Somprakash Bandyopadhyay,  Vaybhav Shaw, Aadrita Banerjee & Debopriyo Nag.

Social Knowledge Management: Use of Social Media for Disseminating Informal Wisdom of Elderly to the Youth

James Ogunleye & Appolo Tankeh. Examining major contrasting risks for Knowledge-driven R&D-intensive companies

Ileana Hamburg & Emma O Brien. Managing and Using Knowledge Efficiently in Companies by Using Cooperation and Social media

Ebru CAYMAZ, Metin Karademir & Ugur Yozgat. An Exploratory Research on Knowledge Sharing Through Fantastic Movies: the Lord of the Rings Case

Peter Reid, Alex Brown & Anne Sutton. “At the Fuzzy Front End” Introducing Four Stages of Innovation to Solo Cup Europe: A Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Teesside University

Solomon A. Adesoji & F.O. Kerere. Assessment of the knowledge level of fishers and fish farmers in Lagos State, Nigeria

Busayo S. Famuyiwa, D.O. Torimiro & Solomon A. Adesoji. Determination of Cocoa Farmers’ Knowledge on

Environmental Hazards Associated with Cocoa Farming Operations in Nigeria

Kuralay Mukhamadi. Innovation in Integrated Language Teaching: Present and Future

Olga Nessipbayeva. Information and Communication Technologies for Development in Education

Martin M. Ujakpa, Rajesh Arora, Nusrat-Jahan Abubakar, Veronica Agblewornu &  Christopher Dick-Sagoe.Application of Virtual learning Technologies in Teaching and Learning in Tertiary Institutions in Ghana

James Ogunleye. Application of Creativity in Business


Papers on Creativity

Fredricka Reisman. Overview and Application of Creativity to Enhance Innovation in Business and Education

Nicholas M. Staich. The Root of Creativity: The Effect of Perspective on Creativity

Stephen R. Grossman. Cruising to Aha!

Don Ambrose. Invigorating Innovation and Combating Dogmatism Through Creative, Metaphorical Business Leadership

Kuan Chen Tsai. A Review of Creativity in Entrepreneurship Literature

Philip Dennett. A Socratic Approach to Managing Creativity in Business

André P. Walton. The Individual Versus the Group—A unique approach to the origins of creativity

Anna Walker and Mark Batey. Taking a multilevel approach to creativity and innovation

Steve Halliday & Ben P. Fraser. Mystery, Surprise, and Discovery: The Neglected Power of Indirect Communication

Tara Grey Coste & Cassandra Grey Coste. Marginalized?! The New Creative in the New Corporate Reality

Michael Brown & Chris Wilson. Creative Dynamics: Artistic Production As A Model of Creative Interaction

Julio C. Penagos-Corzo. Creativity as an Attitude: an Approach to the Origins of Creativity

Steve Halliday. When “Ahead of His Time” Means “Behind the Eight Ball”

Chris Wilson & Michael Brown. The Business of Invention: Considering Project Management in the Arts  and Industry

Elisabetta Frick, Stefano Tardini & Lorenzo Cantoni. Lego Serious Play applications to enhance creativity in participatory design

Patrick A. van der Duin & Mike Shulmeister. Developing local policies for initiating and implementing creative-sector based cross-innovations: Findings from the Amsterdam-region

Patricia De Almeida. Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe: the where, the why and the how

James Ogunleye.Strengthening the links in the knowledge, Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise Chain’

Fredricka Reisman. Introduction to Creativity: Process, Product, Personality, Environment & Technology

Sandra I. Kay. Designing Elegant Problems for Creative Thinking

Michael Brown & Chris Wilson. Between Possibilities and Places: Cognitive Metaphor, Creativity, ART and Education

Chimae Cupschalk. Assessing the Reconnection to Creative Strategies in Nontraditional Learners

Margaret Murphy. “Generation Z” and Media & Arts Entrepreneurship Education: An Investigation of Creative Learning Issues and Opportunities

Nathan M. Sachritz. Application of Creativity in Enterprise: Risky Creativity

Jamie Leitch & Larry Keiser. Creativity as a Bridge for Synergizing the Goals of Business and Academia

Chris Wilson & Michael Brown. Extending Realities: Creativity, Artistry and Technology

Cassandra Coste & Tara Grey Coste. The Culturally Competent Creative in Complex Environments

Terri Zobel. Empowering Functional Creativity through Creative Lifetime Learning Environments

Dennie L. Smith. Blending Creativity and Problem Solving

Valery Keibler. The Transformational Decision to be a Creative

Kuan Chen Tsai. Creative Teaching and Teaching Excellence

Diane Rosen. What You DON’T Know Can Help: The Role of Uncertainty in Creativity

Ron Corso & Charlie-Helen Robinson. Enhancing Creative Thinking Abilities through the use of Social Media

Maia Ozdemir.Tell me your ethnicity and I will tell you what you are: culture as a key factor of creativity in business

James Ogunleye. Evergreen Creativity

Fredricka Reisman. Introduction

Erik E. Guzik and  Kathy Goff. The Microfoundations of  Creativity: An Economics Perspective

Bruce B. Rosenthal. “Preparing Students to Become Proactive Creative Managers:” Business Education as

a Foundation for the Needs of  21st Century Business

Rosamund Davies. Narrative as Creative Quest: The Hero’s Journey and Its Alternatives

Hansika Kapoor and Azizuddin Khan. Double Negatives: The Dark Triad and Negative Creativity

Tara Grey Coste and Carol Nemeroff. Crazy as a Fox: From Pathology to Productivity

Chris Wilson and Michael Brown. Ambiguity, Uncertainty and New Realities: Perspectives of Creative Value, Utility and Authenticity

Rick Kantor. Art As Open Source Intelligence

Kuan Chen Tsai. Developing a Measurement for the Perception of Creative Learning Environments in Educational Settings

Lingling Luo, Xuemei Deng,  Chunfang Zhou. The Complexity of The Assessment of Creative Climate and Group Creativity

Michael Brown and Chris Wilson. Conformity, Deformity and Reformity: Considering the Domain-idiolect Creativity Dynamic

Terri A. Hasseler, Sandra Enos, Maura Ann Dowling & Robert E. Shea. Embracing a Creative Praxis: The Creativity Fellows Program at Bryant University


Papers on Innovation

James Ogunleye. Editorial Diverse and varied collections of papers on knowledge, innovation, creativity and enterprise

Munazza Jannisar, Ruqia Bibi & Muhammad Fahad Khan. Testing techniques selection based on SWOT analysis

Irina Neaga & Yuqiuge Hao. Towards Big Data Mining and Discovery

Tariq Sadat, Roslyn Russell & Mark Stewart. The Forces Transforming Pharmaceutical Innovation Models

Tariq Sadat, Roslyn Russell & Mark Stewart. Shifting paths of pharmaceutical innovation: Implications for the global pharmaceutical Industry

Chijioke agomo. Review of Learning—Own Contribution to Pharmacy Innovation in the UK

Marcus Birkenkrahe, Shushma Patel & Stefanie Quade. Innovative uses of collaborative platforms and social media tools

K.G. Satheesh Kumar & Amalendu Jyotishi. Transaction Cost Levelling to Reduce Incumbent’s Difficulty in Innovation: A Heuristic  Approach through Critical Review                                                                                            

Gavin Suss. The “Innovation Through Education” (ITE) Program: Teaching and Encouraging Innovation For Middle Management

Markus H. Gericke. Innovation strategy for Small and Medium Size companies

Gillian L. S. Hilton & Helen J. Tyler. Innovation, or returning to the Victorian era, when preparing teachers for the classroom? An evaluation of the School Direct training programme for teachers in England

James Ogunleye. Challenges in Operationalising Predictive Analytics


Papers on Enterprise/ Entrepreneurship

James Ogunleye. Contrasting cases of corporate crisis management systems: a research report

Mohammad Khan Rahatullah. Role of trust and commitment in building successful franchise business relationships

Anthony I Anosike & Ming K Lim. Integrating Lean, Theory of Constraints and Triz for Process Innovation

Anthony I. Anosike & Ming K. Lim. A synergistic approach to process innovation

Gang Du, Jianping Yu, Li Sun & Ray Y. Wu. Leader-followers Joint Optimization of Product Family Configuration and Supply  Chain Design

Jaroslaw Oczki. Forecasting Internal Labour Supply with a Use of Markov Chain Analysis

Tatiana Gavrilova, Artem Alsufyev & Anna-Sophia Yanson. Business Models Visualizing: from Matrix to Mind Map

Majid Mahmood. Utilizing Project Management to startup a company in the IT industry

Rita Strode. Preliminary analysis of backpacker market supply

Festus Osaretin Edobor. The Impact of Terrorism and Violence on Entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Daniele Doneddu & Marc Clement. Companion Direct Investment: an Accelerator for the Economic Development of Transforming Resource-Rich Nations

Christian Chileshe. Bringing Entrepreneurship into Business Development Services—A Developing Country Perspective

Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian & Antonio M. Lopez. Entrepreneurship Curriculum Framework Development for Global Competitiveness

Athar Afzal Khan. How Gender Affects Women Entrepreneurship: Experience from Pakistan

Josette Dijkhuizen,  Marc van Veldhoven & René Schalk. Development and Validation of the Entrepreneurial Job Demands Scale

Festus O. Edobor. Entrepreneurship and the Role of Public Policy

Jørgen Ravn Elkjær. Entrepreneurial Barriers to Strategy

Radka Petrova Ivanova. ERP Systems as a Toll for Increasing Competitiveness of Modern Organisations

Vladimír Vrecion. Fundamental Causes of Financial and Economic Crisis and its Overcoming: The Logic of Market Economy and How We Subvert It

Adel Mohammed Qatawneh. The Importance of Knowledge Innovation for External Audit in anti corruption Efforts in Jordan: An Empirical Study of Commercial Banks listed on the Stock Exchange

Martin M. Ujakpa, Rajesh Arora, Mame A. Dwemoh, Samuel K.Fianko &  Isaac K. Nooni. Assessing Customer Relationship Marketing Practices and its impact on Customer Satisfaction in Ghanaian banks. A case study of Energy Bank Ghana Limited

Festus Osaretin Edobor & James Ogunleye. A review of literature into the nature and purpose of collective social entrepreneurship


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